Welcome to New Life at Mid Life!  Is it time to REINVENT yourself?   Here’s some things to think about….

  • We women are conditioned and hard wired to nurture our families and keep the home front stable.
  • We are also required to earn a living so we have a lifestyle we are comfortable with.
  • We are the majority of today’s workforce AND decision makers.
  • We are expected to do all this whilst keeping fit and young looking.
  • We are facing our own personal health challenges or crises as we age and doing any of the above seems more difficult or impossible.

If this rings true in your life and/or makes you feel uncomfortable…..YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

With New Life at Mid Life’s FREE 1/2 HOUR consultation, we will

  • begin an assessment of how you feel physically-how you eat and move your body
  • begin an emotional assessment–what you feel might have you stuck where you are
  • review the benefits of life coaching and how it would fit into your life
  • discuss the outcomes your life might have if you were to take the lead in your own future

And in the meantime…..take a moment to answer these 5 questions to determine your course of action & if New Life at Mid Life may be of help..

1.  What personal goals have I set for this year?

2.  What is my ideal future?  Am I building a legacy?

3.  What significant changes have occurred in the last 12-18 months?

Think to yourself:

  • Have I made any new important friendships?
  • Have I lost anyone that changed my heart forever?
  • Has my home life taken any significant turns:  health challenges, divorce, empty nest, retirement?

4.  Do I feel vital?  To whom do I make a difference?

5.  What makes me unhappy?  Do I spend significant time feeling this way?  What steps have I taken to change this?

Call 518-573-7629 or email me  janet@janetriccobono.com & we’ll schedule your free consultation.    

Remember:  If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got!

New Life at Mid Life is here to help!

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