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When I was in my thirties I was married and I had had my two children.  I owned a home and I had a job I absolutely loved.  Wow, sounds pretty perfect in writing.  But I had gotten married at 18 without knowing what I wanted in my life, what my goals were (truly didn’t think beyond the next day) or what my husband’s goals were.  I hadn’t given much thought  about what I could do differently until my thirties.  Then one day I met a man.  He was interested in me, and I don’t mean sexually.  He liked talking to me and he was delightfully interesting to talk to.  We became fast friends and my husband didn’t like it.  Now, it wasn’t that he didn’t like the man that I tried to be friends with, it was that he forbid ME to have this new friend because he was a man.  I resented that.  In a BIG way.  My resentment grew and I started revisiting and collecting all the things that weren’t my decision in our relationship.  And it turns out I was not an equal partner in the marriage.  And it turns out I put up and shut up way more often than I was comfortable with just to keep the peace.  Well, the short of the story is this man and I remained friends for 2 years.  My marriage fell apart.  I came home one day from work and I told my husband there was trouble in paradise and I wanted to get therapy.  He went ballistic of course yet we went for therapy.  But it was over.  I waited too long to try to fix things.  I really didn’t love him FOR ME anymore, although to this day I still love him.  I wish him happiness.  We are family.  But I knew if I was going to find happiness and more importantly significance, I was done with that relationship.  Lucky for me, but not recommended, I was falling out of love, and in love all at the same time.  And 20+ years later I am still madly in love with the man who finds me interesting.

Now that I have reached mid life it is very clear to me how many things have changed.  I’ve had a significant health crisis, gained weight I never thought I would, and have been entirely confused about what to do with the rest of my life.  And the disconnect I had with my own inner and outer beauty caused me to make poor choices and lose focus on creating a balance that I longed for.  My children moved away, my parents died, I retired from a very stressful corporate job with probably not enough money to last the rest of my life.  Wow!  Many of us get to the place we worked toward our entire lives and have the “what now” moment happen for them.  And often that moment is accompanied by fear of our health issues, our relationship status, our aging parents, or growing children.  New Life at Mid Life coaches you through this transition, helping you create a mindful lifestyle that allows joy into your life and face future fears head on.  We MUST take care of our own well being, and those needs, along with most needs, change as we reach mid life.  I will help you on that journey, the one that joins your health, your nutrition, your movement, and your mind toward a smooth second half.

With education and determination, I’ve gotten to age 54 and have created a wonderful life.   I focus daily on re-creating so I am grateful for all that life offers and willing to take on it’s challenges.  I became a life coach because it fills my well to share what I’ve learned with those stuck between where they are and where they want to be.  Divest yourself of preconceived notions of what is good and what is bad, and Invest in yourself.  I am enjoying my New Life at Mid Life, and look forward to working with you.



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