• Warnings vs. Examples

    That one belongs to Tony Robbins.  He says our stories are either a warning or an example. Think about that for a second before you read on.

    I write sometimes about shifting perception.  Sometimes I will call it spinning a thought.  Tony Robbins calls it a two degree shift. Think how often you can change just one word in a sentence and it means something different.  Think how you can repeat a sentence but say it once with one inflection, second time with a different inflection. The sentence can take on a different meaning, right?

    That is how I chose to look at warnings vs. examples.  We have one life.  One story.  If we look at our life as a warning, we see it one way.  We may see it as a serious of miscalculations, wrong turns, bad decisions.  If we look at our life as an example we may see it in a different way.  We may see it as an opportunity, an open door, a series of options, a learning tool.  Either way, our life, the ONE we have on this earth, is the one we live, the one we talk about, the one we plan.  When I look at it this way, I wonder why I spend ANY time in my head worrying about either what hasn’t happened yet or what I can’t control because all too often I’m made aware how short life really is.   There have been lots of both warnings and examples in my life, I’m sure yours too. Some have been small bumps in the road, some have been overwhelming circumstances that have been thrust upon me. Either way, it’s still ONE life.  My story.  My example.  One thing for certain I have learned and that is when I choose to evoke change, take the lead in my life, I lead by example, I create an example.  That example leads to discovery and power.

    Neither the life by warning or the life by example are easy 100% of the time. But I am happy to walk down Example Lane and open the next door to the next great Example because without Warning, life can change in an instant.  That will be when I look to my examples, my opportunities, my successes, my support system, for real help and real love.

    If your life is a warning, or if you feel less than an example, how do you move forward?  Where do you turn?  Who is your support system?  What circumstances have you experienced that keep you in this state?  Have you had your heart broken? Have you cultivated any new relationships in the last 12 months?  Are you in disrepair? Do you feel disdain? Are you hopeful? Are you ready to begin creating examples?  You’ve come to the right place.

    Peace. xo

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