• 3 Easy Ways to be SANE in 2017

    2017.  The year I will become 57.  The year of HUGE transition.  No, I’m not making big announcements, but this will definitely be the year I make HUGE changes.  On the climb toward  change, things will run amok.  There will be people who won’t appreciate my decisions. There will be sleepless nights when I worry too much.  I will doubt myself.  So here’s some tips to help me, and hopefully you, be sane and grounded enough to follow through and not let the bumpy road hinder us.

    1.  Remember to think: “Who asked you?” when sharing what’s on your mind and getting unsolicited advice or comments in return.  A good communicator realizes she or he is not only speaking or writing, but also being heard or read.  Therefore, also a good communicator (from either the speakers viewpoint or the listeners)  knows that not every conversation is an opportunity to state your opinion.  Here’s me: I share quite a bit.  It’s been said I talk too much.  However, I also try to be specific.  If I am sharing and did NOT ask your opinion, then why would you give it? If I did not ask, then whatever the response, it’s on you.  I am not EXPECTED to follow your advice. I know MY sanity will appreciate this practice.
    2. Reward your emotional wellbeing everyday by paying attention to your physical wellbeing.  In my ALIVE & Well program I talk in great detail about how those two categories are each less impactful without the other.  When your physical wellbeing is in top form it is easier to maintain a grounded emotional (well)being, and vice-versa.  I do not have a magic pill for keeping weight off or how to have the body and mind of your dreams; but if daily sanity is feeling off kilter work on what you DO have control over.  Take 45 minutes a day to walk, or meditate, or have coffee with someone you love and admire.  The rest of 2017 will thank you for it.
    3. Practice gratitude.  Say thank you.  Say thank you to those who have helped you, even with the little things.  Say thank you to those who call you, or buy you coffee, or let you in line in front of them in the market.  Say thank you to your family for loving you.  Say thank you to your home for sheltering you.  Say thank you, to YOU.  When you break things down into small bites, take things one at a time, stop multitasking, and start quality-tasking, you will see all the things there are to be grateful for.  Love and acknowledge each one of them.  There is someone in the world LESS fortunate than you, no matter your situation.  Say thank you.  Your sanity will appreciate it.

    I haven’t written a post in some time for a number of reasons but for my sanity’s sake I am writing again.  Hopefully my tips on staying sane this year will help with the demons in your head that we all have. The ones that make us procrastinate, or abandon, or deny ourselves of our greatness.  Achieving change is always with challenge and sometimes with great difficulty.  Slow down and remember the end game.  If it feels impossible, do something differently.  Reverse your perception.  And if you’re looking for other resources, here’s some fantastic reading material I’ll turn you on to, been out there for awhile, but I’m just slowing down to share.  Enjoy!

    YOU are a BadAss, by Jen Sincero.  Ready to make a big leap but have listened to the rest of the worlds opinions most of your life? Or feel compelled to finish something you’re already in even if it’s completely unsatisfying?  Read this one.

    The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz.  This one will change how you look at every action and every word of every person in your life, including yourself.  A MUST read regardless of who you are or where you are in your life.  NOW, please.

    Starting With Why, by Simon Sinek.  Spinning your wheels, know you’ve got what it takes but move forward at a snail’s pace?  This one will get you thinking differently and it’s not just a professional read.  Being you is unique.  And you have your own why.  Find out with this book how to nail it.  And Sinek has a TED talk too, google his name and title.  It’s awesome, like you.

    HAPPY, SANE, SAFE NEW YEAR!! Big love xo



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  1. Kathy Moretti says:

    Thanks for sharing this .
    I think we all can use some concrete tools to keep it sane . Gratitude is one of my favorite ways to start the day!
    Going to check out Simon Sinek .

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