• Getting enough “me” time?

    This is a new-ish term for relaxing, chill-axing, down time.

    • Do you reward yourself with me-time?
    • Is me-time part and parcel of your day?


    • Does it make you feel too indulgent to take me-time?
    • Do you feel it lazy or necessary?
    • Do you take it because you procrastinate doing things that need doing?
    • Do you take it because you, like many Europeans, need a bit of a siesta mid day to rejuvenate?
    • Do you take it when you’ve completed all there is to do and you reward yourself?

    Me-time is a prize.  It is almost May and spring fever has hit.  All the things that you’ve thought about doing this winter now require attention.  If you work from home like I do you must walk away from the job from time to time and escape.  Maybe to the garden. If you work away from the house you may need time to soak up the fruits of your labor and just snuggle.  If you have family or health concerns you may need to enjoy a moment or two of quiet time just to feel.

    Me-time ends when you are taking it to AVOID life. You know when that is, and you feel guilty about it. Guilt is no platform for relaxation.  Since we get good at whatever we practice, we might convince ourselves that when we are doing nothing we are having me-time, but do you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, or rewarded when you decide to get back up and begin again? Probably not. There is another whole conversation around procrastination, and good habit formation (try http://jamesclear.com for great tips).  Take ditch-it-all-time when you need to shut off and AVOID, but continuing that habit may be bad for your health.  I write this because it’s important to look at things in more ways than one.  Read on for the spin:)

    For good, authentic me-time, have at it!  New research shows that equal parts work and play, albeit heavy in one or the other direction on any given day, reduces stress, and increases productivity and focus.  Finding time for play and leisure, “me-time” improves your health and all your relationships, so YES! find your me-time!!!  According to a Women at Woodstock (http://2016.womenatwoodstock.com) friend of mine, Gwen Gordon, “it is only through play that the fullness of our humanity and the grandeur of our gifts can blossom”. http://gwengordonplay.com/speaker/.  Also, check out, http://alwayswellwithin.com/2014/06/15/balance-work-play/), Sandra has a beautiful site all about loving and fully living a playful life.


    Go forth and Chill my friends 🙂

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