• Hard to find your way?

    What is it about sticking with a plan that is so difficult?

    Are you angry about making resolutions back in January and frustrated you haven’t kept them?

    How is it true that we have thoughts in our brain, and intention to follow through, but our actions somehow go in a completely different direction?

    Been there, done that.

    Today’s the day I let you in on my trick.  In wishin’ and hopin’ and prayin’ I actually create a new habit; and that all my wishes and resolutions would become realities there is one thing I do EVERY time they don’t.  Now I add the disclaimer that finding ways to validate this not happening isn’t necessarily the healthiest way to look at my (your) life, but it is a way to get through the day without guilt or disappointment.  Here it is:  If I always do what I always did, I will always get what I always got.  So today I will try something different.  If it is simple and satisfying enough to try, then I will.  And I will try it again tomorrow if it worked.  And I will commit to continuing to try, every day, whatever IT is.

    Crazy?  Well, not so much.  I may not have eaten perfectly, but I chose different foods.  I may not be as lean as I’d like, but I exercised this morning.  I may not have created a new website yet, but I am sitting in my office.  One foot in front of the other.  Build momentum.  Believe that each time you try you are one step closer to your goal.  Stop listening to people or reading articles that begin to make you feel guilty.  That is NOT the platform in which better behaviors begin.  That may be where they settle in your brain but when you begin with guilt then more than likely you will magnify your own disappointment.

    Begin with YOUR why.  Why do I want it?  Why will I continue?  Why shouldn’t I try?  Look at yourself from more than one angle.  Frontwards and backwards.  Can I make one small change that will have some positive impact.  You have no one to report to but yourself, so do that.  Recognize when you want change.  Recognize why you want it.  Recognize your actions.  Report to yourself.  If you slip and fall, no one notices until you draw attention to it.

    It seems likely to me that if I have achievable, realistic goals that I take small yet significant steps toward each day, then I will be happier with the me that I present to the world.  I will keep my head out of the “I am not….” bucket, pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again.  And the world that I think notices me for all of my shortcomings will be none the wiser.

    It may be hard to find your way but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one.  And if you need a hand, contact me.  I am your Change Champion!

    Janet @ 518-573-7629  New Life at Mid Life ~ Change Champion for women over 40IMG_3152



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